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Gro Magik Monotub - Mushroom Growing Bin

Gro Magik Monotub - Mushroom Growing Bin


Growing Organic

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πŸ„ **Welcome to Gro Magik!** πŸ„

Dive into the magikal world of mushroom cultivation with our high-yield mushroom grow kits & top-notch supplies. As trailblazers in professional mushroom farming, we're here to guide you on a journey to mushroom mastery. The real Magik is just how durable and high quality this monotub is. Taking what once was a big project and turning it into a pleasant and duplicatable experience.Β 

🌟 **Introducing the Gro Magik Monotub** 🌟

The latest and greatest in mushroom growing! After rigorous R&D, we're proud to present a Monotub that stands out:

- πŸŒ€ Adjustable airflow & built-in filters: Say goodbye to taping over filters during colonization!Β 

- πŸ”’ Dual cover latches: Best Seal without fear of broken handles and weak latching.

- πŸ“¦ **Free Shipping** (except HI & AK)

**Key Features**:
- 🌬️ Filters and Liner Included
- ♻️ Eco-friendly: Made from recyclable material
- 🍽️ Hassle-free cleaning: Tote is dishwasher safe
- πŸ”’ Dual cover latches
- πŸŒ‘ Opaque base: No more side pins!
- 🌬️ Adjustable air vents with replaceable filter pads (included)
- πŸ“ Dimensions: 15.7” x 22.8” x 12”
- βš–οΈ Weight: 4.2lbs

**Complete Mushroom Grow Kit Contains**:
- πŸ“¦ 1 Gro Magik Tote
- πŸ›οΈ 1 Tote Liner
- 🌬️ 6 Filter Pads


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