About Us

Welcome to Debsun, your bridge to the natural world of healing. I'm Kyle Hutton, co-founder with my mother, Debbie Allen. We champion wellness and health through a personal, lived experience.

Our exploration into hemp and mushroom-based remedies stemmed from my battle with fibromyalgia. Venturing away from solely conventional treatments, we harnessed the potential of these natural alternatives.

Nestled in the health-conscious community of Grand Junction, Colorado, we commit to offering natural, science-backed wellness solutions. Our ethos is integrating research-driven, nature-inspired products that address your health needs.

We stay updated on new research and findings, sharing this knowledge to support your health decisions confidently. Our promise is quality products and your trust in us as we navigate the future of natural remedies together.

In clear, accessible language, we pledge to be your trusted health consultant. With Debsun, you uncover nature's best for a joyous, healthier life.

Explore our products. Experience the life-changing benefits they offer. Welcome to a pain-free life. Welcome to Debsun.


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