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Marley Natural | Black Walnut Straight Glass Beaker Water Pipe | 12in Tall - 14mm Bowl - Wood

Marley Natural | Black Walnut Straight Glass Beaker Water Pipe | 12in Tall - 14mm Bowl - Wood



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Gather 'round, smoke shop owners, head shop connoisseurs, and dispensary aficionados! If you're seeking the highest quality water bongs for your clients, look no further than the Marley Natural Straight Glass Beaker Water Pipe. Standing at 12 inches tall with a 14mm bowl, this masterpiece is all about delivering an unrivaled smoking experience.

This isn't your average water pipe. Crafted with top-notch borosilicate glass, it's resilient and elegant all at once. Combined with the exquisitely carved black walnut wood - sustainably sourced, no less - this pipe exemplifies a fine balance of aesthetics and function. The globe-shaped percolator isn't just for show; it ensures maximum filtration for smooth, clean hits every time.

As much as we respect traditional water pipes, we also understand the need for something more versatile. Enter the Marley Natural, a true hybrid that stands proud on your shelf or coffee table, serving both as a water pipe and a dry pipe.

It's all about the user experience. The broad base can hold a substantial volume of water for effective filtration, making each draw smooth as silk. Yet the pipe goes even further in its design by allowing disassembly of its sections, ensuring your clients can clean and maintain it with ease.

Let's walk you through the process of use. Begin by half-filling the glass chamber with water, ensuring it's just above the percolator's holes. Then pack your preferred tobacco into the side dish and ignite. As you inhale, you'll see the water bubbling, filtering the smoke and softening the hit. For the finishing touch, simply remove the dish bowl and clear the chamber.

For the glass components, just shake them in a bag with isopropyl alcohol and table salt, followed by a rinse in warm water. For the wooden parts, a brush with a hint of isopropyl alcohol does the trick. And to maintain that lovely sheen, a dab of wood conditioner keeps the walnut looking fresh and lustrous.

  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Sustainable Black Walnut
  • Ground Glass Connection
  • Sections Disassemble for Cleaning
  • Super-Smooth Hits

Wholesale bongs have never looked or functioned so well. The Marley Natural Straight Glass Beaker Water Pipe is here to set the standard for quality, aesthetics, and smooth hits. Upgrade your stock with this marvelous piece and provide your customers with an elevated smoking experience they'll keep coming back for.

  • Total Height: 12.50”
  • Base Diameter: 5.75”
  • Joint Size: 14mm Female
  • Material: Glass on Glass
  • Style: Water Pipe
  • Color: Black Walnut Wood
  • Other: Includes 1-hole Male 14mm Bowl


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