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Marley Natural | Wide Flat Spoon Hand Pipe w/ Thick Base | 4.5in Long - Glass - Smoke

Marley Natural | Wide Flat Spoon Hand Pipe w/ Thick Base | 4.5in Long - Glass - Smoke



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Marley Natural has now released a sophisticated new addition to their array of premium smoking devices - the Marley Natural Wide Flat Spoon Hand Pipe. This second line in their glass series does not disappoint with its elegant blend of form and function, perfect for smoke shops and dispensaries that cater to discerning customers.

The distinctive feature of this collection is the high-quality smoked glass, enveloping the device with a deep smoky tint that is visually striking. The added allure of gold accents, including the classy Marley Natural logo and stripe, enhances the overall aesthetic. This piece is not just visually appealing, it is also exceptionally durable, thanks to its construction from premium borosilicate glass.

The design of this smoking pipe is further accentuated with a broad, deep bowl, a definitive feature for those who relish a substantial hit. To prevent annoying rolling and offer a stable resting position, the bowl has a flat base. The presence of a carb hole on the side adds to its convenience and functionality.

Comfort is also a key aspect of this hand pipe. The stem, graced with a gold Marley Natural logo and stripe, culminates in a flat mouthpiece, designed to be gentle on the lips during use. Even though the spoon pipe design is simple and traditional, Marley Natural has elevated it with a unique levitating design.

Every piece from the "Smoked" series is delivered in a custom box, designed to match each glass pipe perfectly. The box not only provides an elegant touch but also protects the device during delivery.

  • Marley Natural Smoked Glass Spoon
  • Premium Borosilicate Glass
  • Ash-Catching Mouthpiece
  • Unique Levitating Design
  • Smoky Tint
  • Extra Wide Bowl
  • Left Side Air Carb
  • Thick Glass Hand Pipe
  • Gold Marley Natural Decals

As a piece that perfectly marries class and functionality, the Marley Natural Wide Flat Spoon Hand Pipe is a valuable addition to any smoke shop or dispensary looking to stock hand pipes for cannabis.

  • Length: 4.5" inches
  • Width: 1.20" inches
  • Height: 2" inches
  • Material: Glass
  • Type: Spoon Hand Pipe
  • Color: Smoked Glass


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