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Wood Vinegar - Pyroligneous acid from BioChar

Wood Vinegar - Pyroligneous acid from BioChar



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Wood Vinegar: Nature's Boost for Healthy Plants!

πŸ” About:
Wood vinegar, a.k.a. Pyroligneous acid, also called wood vinegar, liquid smoke, pyrolysis water, smoke water, wood distillate, is an amber liquid produced through the natural act of carbonization during charcoal/biochar production - this occurs when wood/biomass is heated in an oxygen starved environment.

πŸ’ͺ Benefits:
1. πŸƒ Supercharges Photosynthesis: Gives plants the boost they need, leading to faster foliage growth.
2. 🌍 Feeds the Soil: Enhances soil microbial activity, benefiting the plants from the roots up.
3. 🌺 Bountiful Harvest: Increases flowers, veggies, and fruits' yield and quality.
4. πŸ… Tastier Produce: Yields richer flavors and more appetizing produce compared to chemically-fertilized plants.

πŸ”¬ How It Works:
- It kicks photosynthesis into high gear πŸš€, leading to more energy-carbohydrates.
- These carbs nourish soil microorganisms 🦠, boosting their activity and numbers.
- The result? A plant-root symbiosis 🌿, where plants receive more & diverse minerals.
- It's the philosophy of regenerative agriculture: Feed the soil, let the soil feed the plant.

🌽 Result: Plants flourish, yielding produce that's not just higher in nutritious minerals but also diverse and deliciously flavored. Say goodbye to bland veggies and hello to richer, sweeter tastes!

List of dozens of White Paper Studies:Β

🌿 Choose Wood Vinegar for healthier, tastier, and more productive crops! 🌿 

Notice: You should be aware that this product smells like liquid smoke.

🌿πŸ”₯ Smoke your plants before you πŸ’¨ smoke your plants! πŸƒπŸ˜‰

How to Use Wood Vinegar for Best Results:Β 

1. Recognize the Quality: Our wood vinegar is OMRI listed for organic use, ensuring premium quality for your plants.

2. Know its Origin: Extracted during the pyrolysis of hardwood chips into biochar, this organic product supercharges green plants by boosting their photosynthesis and chlorophyll content.

3. Preparing the Dilution:

  • 🌿 For a stronger mix (1:200 dilution): Mix 0.6 ounces (19ml) of our concentrate with water to make a full gallon. A 1-gallon bottle of concentrate can make up to 201 gallons of this dilution.

  • 🌱 For a lighter mix (1:1000 dilution): Mix 0.1 ounces (4ml) of our concentrate with water to make a full gallon. A 1-gallon bottle of concentrate can make up to 1001 gallons of this dilution.Β 

4. Application Steps:

  • 🌱 For Seeds: Soak the seeds for 10 minutes in your chosen dilution to prep them for optimal germination. UseΒ 
  • 🌿 For Plants: Spray them weekly with your preferred dilution to maintain health and foster growth.

Unleash the botanical power with our undiluted wood vinegar! πŸŒπŸ€

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